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Using The Hickey Method to teach English as a Foreign Language to Students with Language Learning Issues

Welcome to the website of the Hickey Method training course in the English Department at David Yellin College of Education, Jerusalem.

Hickey study and teaching materials are available here, for tutoring of English learners by trained Hickey tutors,
and for training of Hickey tutors.

The materials on this website are here, free of charge, to provide appropriate assistance to struggling English learners, even those who cannot afford to pay for private lessons. Trained Hickey tutors are welcome to reproduce these materials to teach Hickey learners.

As long as you are using these materials, we ask that you commit yourself to tutor a learner who cannot afford to pay for private lessons. Here's the reason why...

Materials on this site may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

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Materials on this website prepared by Fern Levitt, both original material and based on materials from Hickey training courses,

by Susie Secemski, and by members of Hickey classes at David Yellin College of Education.

Thanks to Eleanor Adika, Web site consultant and Julia Filipone, educator and illustrator.

Contributions of Hickey materials are welcome! Please send your contributions or feedback to hickeywebsite@gmail.com. Thanks!

Hickey is a multi-sensory phonics-based English teaching method, developed by Kathleen Hickey in the U.K.

and adapted for EFL learners in Israel.
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