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Individual Lesson Materials

Thanks to to all the Hickey tutors who have contributed their stories,
to all the illustrators and contributors of clip art
(note: if you are a clip art artist who prefers for this site not to "borrow" your art
for educational, non-commercial purposes, please contact us and we will replace your image)
and to Julia Filipone for her wonderful illustrations.

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(Note on reformatting the documents in these lessons.) 

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Suggestion for learners who complain that longer stories contain "too many words!":
Take turns with them, reading lines of text out loud.
They will get to hear a model of fluent reading,
and they will have a less daunting amount of text to decode.

Sequence Number

Hickey Lesson Target Letter(s)
and Rules
Documents (Complete lessons contain story, word list, and game; more to come.)  
1. Lesson 1a i, t, p; closed syllables rule Teaching new material  (PDF)

For learner's binder:
Letter checklist for student - page 1  (PDF)

Daily home practice: Weekly Check-off Sheet  (PDF)

i, t, p, n, s familiar words and cognates  (PDF)

2. Lesson 1b n, s; s and 's rules Teaching new material   (PDF)

Letter matching worksheet  (PDF)

3. Lesson 1c i, t, p, n, s; s and 's rules, closed syllables rule "It is I!"     (PDF)


"Tin-Tin's Pins"  (PDF)


"Pip in Tin"  (PDF)


"Tin-Tin"   (PDF)

Matching Game   (PDF)

Bingo    (PDF)

Syllable Types Table (PDF)

4. Lesson 2 a Teaching new material  (PDF)

"Nan's Nap"  (PDF)

"Ants in Pants!!"    (PDF)

"Stan, Nan, & Anna"   (PDF)

"It's Pat's Pan!" (PDF)

Long and Short Vowels Board Game  (PDF)

Practicing Short Vowel Sounds  (PDF)

5. Lesson 3 d Teaching new material (PDF)

"Dad, Dan, and a Pit"   (PDF)

"Sid Did It!"   (PDF)


"Dad and Dip"  (PDF)


"Dana and Sid in Sand"  (PDF)


d familiar words and cognates    (PDF)

6. Lesson 4 h, th Teaching new material   (PDF)

"Dan's Hat"  (PDF)

Matching Worksheet  (PDF)

"Thin Dan and his Hat"  (PDF)



"Sid's Hat"  (PDF)



"Nat's Thin Hat"  (PDF)

"Dad and Ant" (PDF)


h familiar words and cognates (PDF)

7. Lesson 5 e, sh; open syllables rule Teaching new material   (PDF)

"Ned's Test and Stan the Pest"  (PDF)

"Ted's Hen"    (PDF)

"Ted's Tent"   (PDF)

"The Ten Hats"  (PDF)

"Ned's Hat and Pen"  (PDF)

"Handstands in Nan's Shed"  (PDF)

"Ned's Pet Hen"  (PDF)

"Nip's Test"  (PDF)


Matching Worksheet   (PDF)

Open and Closed Syllables examples (PDF)

Vowel Review Worksheet  (PDF)

"Sentence Soup" Game   (PDF)

3x3 Puzzle: Rhyme-matching Game  (PDF)

Practicing Short Vowel Sounds  (PDF)

8. Lesson 6 c sounds like (k), c rule for (k) sound "Can-Can the Cat and Ned's Hen"   (PDF)


"Dan's Cat and his Cast"   (PDF)


"Pat Can Sit"  (PDF)


"The Cat in the Cap"  (PDF)


Matching Worksheet  (PDF)

Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

Break-the-Code Worksheet  (PDF)

Match-and-Decode Worksheet  (PDF)


c familiar words and cognates   (PDF)

9. Lesson 7 k; the k rule "Can-Can and the Kittens"  (PDF)


"Ken and his Kitten"  (PDF)


"Ken and Kip"   (PDF)


"Kit the Cat"  (PDF)

Common Words Match English-to-Hebrew Concentration Game, Lessons 1-7    (PDF)


k familiar words and cognates   (PDF)

10. Lesson 8 b, the b-d rule "Ben's Best Bed"  (PDF)


"Ben's Banana"   (PDF)


"Dan's Best Pet"  (PDF)


"Ben, the Best Cat"  (PDF)


"Ben's Best Band"  (PDF)

Common Words Lotto Game (PDF)

Vocabulary Game, definitions in sentence context  (PDF)

Break-the-Code Worksheet    (PDF)

11. Lesson 9 r  

"A Bat, a Rat, and a Rabbit"   (PDF)



"Dan and his Rabbit"   (PDF)


"Shani Traps a Crab"  (PDF)


"A Rat in Dan's Crib"  (PDF)


Possessives worksheet

12. Lesson 10 m "Batman Sam"  (PDF)



"Tim, Sam, and Ned"   (PDF)



"Mr. Kim and Mrs. Tim"   (PDF)



"Mr. Mish Mash and the Mad Cat"  (PDF)


"Sam, Pam, and the Crab"  (PDF)


"A Mad Man Met a Kind Man"   (PDF)


"The Cat in the Shed"  (PDF)


Short Vowel Words (up to m)

Go Fish/Happy Families game (large cards, PPT)

For learner's binder:
Letter checklist for student - page 2   (PDF)

13. Lesson 11 -ck, the -ck rule "The Snack at the Track"   (PDF)

Word-picture puzzles game  (PDF)



"Her Speck"  (PDF)



"Rick's Sticks"  (PDF)



"Mick's Trick"  (PDF)

14. Lesson 12 y- "Yams at the Camp"   (PDF)


"A Yam Snack? Yes!"   (PDF)


"The Yak is in the Tent"  (PDF)


"Yetta and the Cat"  (PDF)


15. Lesson 12a syllable division vc/cv "Kittens and a Rabbit at Tennis"   (PDF)



"Kitten Kidnap" (PDF)



"The Rabbit"  (PDF)


"Ken's Pet Rabbit and Kitten"   (PDF)


Syllable Division Patterns Table (PDF)

16. Lesson 13 -ic, the -ic rule, syllable division rules
v/cv (and much less common vc/v)
"The Picnic in the Attic"  (PDF)


"The Man in the Mask and the Picnic" (PDF)



"Panic at the Picnic"  (PDF)



"Iris's Cabin Picnic"  (PDF)


"A Bat, a Man, and a Batman in the Attic"  (PDF)



17. Lesson 13a -i_e (i-magic-e) "The Kite in the Pine"   (PDF)


"Ann's Best Present"   (PDF)


"The Bride"  (PDF)


"Nine Kites"  (PDF)


"Dad, Dan, and Nine Bats"   (PDF)


Comparing i-magic-e words to closed syllable short i words

Long Vowels Table (PDF)

Short and Long Vowels (magic-e rule) "Go Fish" game  (PDF)

18. Lesson 13b -ike "Mike's Bike Cracks"   (PDF)


"Sam and Mike Ride the Bikes"   (PDF)

"Sam and Mike" story with matching game - PPT


"Mike's Bike"  (PDF)


"The Bribe"  (PDF)

19. Lesson 13c -ire "Sam Hires the Kids"   (PDF)



"Ann and Dan are Tired"   (PDF)

"Ann & Dan are Tired" interactive game: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? - PowerPoint



"The Tire in the Mire in Nike's Empire"  (PDF)




"Dike the Cricket and Ike the Ant"  (PDF)




"Ann and Mike Bike" PDF





20. Lesson 14 l

"Plant and Animal Island"   (PDF)


"Mr. L. and Mrs. M"   (PDF)



"Len Helps Linda"   (PDF)



"Kim's Salad Plan"  (PDF)




"Len Finds Track"   (PDF)


21. Lesson 15 -ll, the -ll rule  

"The Balls Spill at the Hill"   (PDF)


"Bill Hits the Ball"   (PDF)


"Bell is Tall"   (PDF)



"Bill is Ill"  (PDF)





"Nell and Mike Ride Bikes"  (PDF)




"Bill and Nell"  (PDF)

22. Lesson 16a -y sounds like (ī); the -y rule  

"The Dry Kittens"   (PDF)



"Sky the Spy"   (PDF)



"My Dad the Spy"  (PDF)



"Sky's Dry Bed"  (PDF)


23. Lesson 16b -y sounds like (ē) "Daddy Helps Baby Ben"   (PDF)



"Penny and the Baby"   (PDF)



"Danny, Billy, and the Candy"  (PDF)



"Sticky Betsy, Silly Billy, Baby Penny and Silky Sandy"  (PDF)




"Happy Baby Nelly"  (PDF)





"The Sticky, Drippy Candy Picnic"  (PDF)




Words that end in -y (long i and long e sounds)  (PDF)

24. Lesson 17 f "A Firefly Isn't a Pet"  (PDF)


"Fred the Firefly" (PDF)


"The Ten Falafel Balls"  (PDF)


"The Fire"  (PDF)


25. Lesson 18 -ff, the -ff rule "The Indian Tribe Camps by a Cliff"   (PDF)



"Leff, Beff, and Teff Smell a Rat"  (PDF)



"My Friends Kaff and Maff"  (PDF)



"The Picnic by the Cliff"  (PDF)


26. Lesson 19 -ss, the -ss rule "The Messy Class"  (PDF)


"The Sticky Picnic"   (PDF)


"Tess's Dress"   (PDF)

27. Lesson 20 suffixes -es, -less, -ly "Classes at 8:00"  (PDF)


"The Party"   (PDF)


"Hatless Matt and Selfless Milly"  (PDF)

"Suffixes and Prefixes -less, -ly, -n't, pre-" PPT review

For learner's binder:
Letter checklist for student - page 3   (PDF)

28. Lesson 21 -a_e (a-magic-e)  

"Sara and the Kids Bake Cakes"  (PDF)


"Kate Bakes Cakes"  (PDF)



"Nate and Blake" (PDF) (boys' version)



"Kate and Kim"  (PDF) (girls' version)



"The Date Cake"  (PDF)




"The Snake and the Snack"   (PDF)



"Kate, Bill, and the Snake in the Cake"  (PDF)



"Kate's Cake"  (PDF)

29. Lesson 22a -ar "A Car and Far Stars"  (PDF)




"Sam the Bad Man and Pam the Batman"  (PDF)




"Danny is a Star"    (PDF)



"Tamar's Party and the Stars" (PDF)

30. Lesson 22b -are, long vowel choices "The Late Scare"  (PDF)


"The Hare and the Mare"  (PDF)


"Take Care"   (PDF)

31. Lesson 23 o "Mike is O.K."  (PDF)


"Tom, Bob and Rob are Friends"  (PDF)


"The Nasty Snake"   (PDF)

Practicing Short Vowel Sounds  (PDF)

32. Lesson 23a g (sounds like (g))  

"Eggs in the Garden"  (PDF)


"In the Garden"  (PDF)



"Peg and her Game"  (PDF)



"Gabe and his Frog Gale"   (PDF)



33. Lesson 24 -o_e (o-magic-e) "Rose and Hope"  (PDF)



"Kate's Trip to Freda's Home"  (PDF)



"The Dog, the Cat, and the Bone"  (PDF)

The Dog, the Cat and the Bone: Word Game PPT



"Tom has a Problem in the Garden"  (PDF)


"Rose is Home"    (PDF)

Rose is Home - puzzle PDF

34. Lesson 24a -ore "Corey's Fork Stores"  (PDF)



"At the Shore"    (PDF)



"Dora at the Store"  (PDF)

35. Lesson 25a -ng "King Ding"  (PDF)



"Ming's Ring"  (PDF)



"The Angry Dog"  (PDF)

36. Lesson 25b -ing, rules for adding suffix -ing

"Going Camping"  (PDF)


"Billy's Party"  (PDF)


"A Cake-Baking Mistake"  (PDF)


"Ling and Ming"  (PDF)


Game: Rules for adding suffix -ing (PDF)

37. Lesson 26 u, suffix -ful "Abby the Student"  (PDF)



"Mummy Has Mumps"   (PDF)



"Dan's Umbrella"  (PDF)



"Nasty Ned" (PDF)
"Nasty Ned" with a little more text  (PDF)


"Music at the Restful Picnic" B&W (PDF)
                color  (PDF)

Practicing Short Vowel Sounds  (PDF)

38. Lesson 27 j "Jim, Jack, and Jenny"  (PDF)


"Janet, Jacob, and Jim"  (PDF)



"Jill's Jelly and Jim's Jam"  (PDF)

39. Lesson 28 -u_e "June's Music"  (PDF)


"June, the Duke, and the Mule" (PDF)
"June, the Duke, and the Mule" with a little more text (PDF)


"The Rude Duke"  (PDF)

40. Lesson 29 w, sw "The Wild Twins"  (PDF)


"Mrs. June's Wet Wig" (PDF)


"No Wet Swimming for Jack"  (PDF)

41. Lesson 30 v "David's Puppy"  (PDF)



"Ben Visits the Vet"  (PDF)



"Veronica at the Cave"  (PDF)



"Aviva, David, and the Wine Spill"  (PDF)


For learner's binder:
Letter checklist for student - page 4   (PDF)

42. Lesson 31 x "Fox and Friends"  (PDF)




"Best Friends Max and Rex"  (PDF)


"Vivi the Fox, Rexy the Ox, and the Puppy Jack"  (PDF)



43. Lesson 32 -nk "Mr. Clank and the Pink Junk"  (PDF)


"A Very Pink Sink"  (PDF)


"Minky and Dinky"  (PDF)


"Pat's Pink Drink"  (PDF)


44. Lesson 32a prefixes mis-, dis-, un-  

"David Misdials to an Unkind Woman"  (PDF)



"Ben Packs, Unpacks and Repacks the Picnic"  (PDF)



"Skunk, Mink, and Rat Rethink"  (PDF)

Happy Families Prefix and Suffix Game  (PDF)

45. Lesson 33 z, the -zz rule "Zack's Zit"  (PDF)



"The Zebras in Zimbabwe"  (PDF)



"Zip the Fuzzy Zebra"  (PDF)



"To My Diary: A Kid's Problems"   (PDF)

46. Lesson 34 qu  

"The Quiet Wedding Music"  (PDF)



"Kate's Dress"  (PDF)



"A Quiet Evening"  (PDF)



The qpdb Butterfly    (PDF)

47. Lesson 35 ee "The Sleeping Bee"  (PDF)


"Greeny and Deeny"  (PDF)


"Lee's Green Jeep"  (PDF)


"A Sheep, a Deer, and a Bee"   (PDF)

48. Lesson 36a oo (short oo as in "book") "Vicky's Book"  (PDF)


"Two Good Cooks"  (PDF)


"Tammy's Cookbook"  (PDF)

49. Lesson 36b oo (long oo as in "spoon") "Look for the Food"   (PDF)


Matching worksheet  (PDF)


"Sam Brings Food to the Pool"  (PDF)


"The Loose Moon"  (PDF)


"A Good Mood at the Zoo"  (PDF)


"Root for Dan"   (PDF)

50. Lesson 37 th "Think of Three Things"   (PDF)



"Dan's Moth Needs Things"  (PDF)



"The Three Cakes"  (PDF)

51. Lesson 38 sh "The Fish Wish Dish"  (PDF)



"Shoshana Wants a Dress"  (PDF)




"Sharon and Shifra the Sheep"  (PDF)


52. Lesson 39 er  

"Jennifer Feels Better"  (PDF)


"My Sister Fell in the River"  (PDF)



"A Dinner to Remember"  (PDF)



"A Romantic Dinner by the River"  (PDF)

PPT Vocabulary Game: Romantic Dinner




53. Lesson 40a -ed (sounds like (id)) "A Cake for Mother"   (PDF) 


"Shimshon Skated with Shoham"  (PDF)


"Game Completed and Over"  (PDF)

54. Lesson 40b -ed (sounds like (d)) "A Trip in a Van"  (PDF)


"The Drive to the Pool" B&W  (PDF)
                    color  (PDF)


"Shia Remembered Well"  (PDF)

55. Lesson 40c -ed (sounds like (t))



"The Camping Trip"  (PDF)






"Can I Sleep at Jeff's?"  (PDF)







"A Party for Mary"  (PDF)



Game - Happy Families (Go Fish): Verb Pairs:
Present Simple /Past Simple (Regular and Irregular)

56. Lesson 41 -ay "Jay Plays with Clay"  (PDF)


"Jim's Days"  (PDF)


"My Family Plays"  (PDF)


"Today Was My Birthday"   (PDF)

57. Lesson 42 -ce; c rule for (s) sound "Mother Cooks Rice"  (PDF)


"The Three Mice Dancers"  (PDF)


"Father, Mother, and the Dance"  (PDF)


"An Ice Dice Device"  (PDF)


Six Nice Mice  (PDF)

58. Lesson 43 ci, ce, cy "Prince Cedric and Cinderella"  (PDF)


"A Nice Day in the City"  (PDF)

Crossword Puzzle  (PDF)


"The Fancy Cinderella"  (PDF)


For learner's binder:
Letter checklist for student - page 5  (PDF)

59. Lesson 44 -ge, g rule for (j) sound "Huge Orange in Alaska"  (PDF)


"Nell's Orange Duck"  (PDF)


"Angel and the Two Gorillas"  (PDF)

60. Lesson 45 gi, gy  

"Ginny and George at the Zoo"  (PDF)




"George and the Giraffe"  (PDF)
George and the Giraffe Game  (PDF)




"Giraffes and a Gypsy at the Zoo"  (PDF)




"George, the Dog Genius"  (PDF)
George, the Dog Genius - "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" PPT



61. Lesson 46 -dge "Jim the Judge has Fudge"  (PDF)


"Midge's Budgie"  (PDF)
Game for "Midge's Budgie"  (PDF)



"Poor Madge!"  (PDF)



Matching Game  (PDF)

62. Lesson 47 or (middle of word) "Saved by the Corn"  (PDF)


"Riding Horses at the Shore"  (PDF)


"My Mornings with a Giant: A Short Story" (PDF)

PowerPoint Word Game for "My Mornings with a Giant"

63. Lesson 48 ea (sounds like (ē)) "Clean Your Room!"  (PDF)


"Tim's Neat, Clean Room"  (PDF)


"I Like Meat"   (PDF)


"The Team's Meal"   (PDF)

64. Lesson 48a -le regular final syllable "Playing with Little Apples"  (PDF)



"Cool People"  (PDF)



"The Twinkle of a Purple Star"  (PDF)

65. Lesson 49 ar (middle of word) "Picnic in the Dark"   (PDF)

Go Fish / Happy Families game  (PDF)


"Facebook and Farmville Save the Day"  (PDF)

"Facebook and Farmville" Word Game in PowerPoint


"Donna's Party"  (PDF)

"Donna's Party" Comprehension Game in PowerPoint


66. Lesson 50 ai  

"Jake Must Wait"  (PDF)


"Elaine's Stain"  (PDF)


"Too Afraid to Paint"  (PDF)


"Kaila and Daisy" (PDF)

67. Lesson 52 oa "Annie and her Long Red Coat"  (PDF)

"Annie and her Coat" Interactive Vocabulary PPT



"The Leaky Boat"   (PDF)



"The Boat in the Clean Sea"  (PDF)


68. Lesson 53 ou "A Mouse in the House"  (PDF)

"A Mouse in the House" Interactive Spelling PPT


"Our Summer House"  (PDF)

69. Lesson 54 ch "Chopsticks in China"  (PDF)

"Chopsticks in China" PPT Vocabulary Game


"Ching Does the Cha-cha-cha!" (PDF)


"Lunch on the Beach"  (PDF)

70. Lesson 55 tch "The Lost Watch"  (PDF)

71. Lesson 56 ue "Art the Artist"  (PDF)

72. Lesson 57 gh "Mark's Light"  (PDF)

73. Lesson 58




"A Girl and her Bird"  (PDF)

74. Lesson 59 'a' as in 'father' (ŏ) "Father Goes Shopping"  (PDF)

75. Lesson 60 ew "Jewelianne, Jewel and the Stew"  (PDF)

76. Lesson 61 ea "Ben the Bread Baker"  (PDF)


"A Trip to the Ocean"   (PDF)

77. Lesson 63 ur "Sometimes it Hurts"   (PDF)

78. Lesson 65 aw "The Fawn, the Hawk, and the Strawberry Bush"   (PDF)

79. Lesson 68 -tion "An Invitation to a Competition"  (PDF)


"A Solution to the Pollution"  (PDF)

80. Lesson 69


ie, (ē) and (ī)

"Winnie's Pie"  (PDF)



Lesson 75


oy "I Spoiled the Royal Oil"  (PDF)


82. Lesson 76 ear (êr) "Eating the Apple in Heaven on Earth"  (PDF)
83. Lesson 85 eigh "Skinny Mason"  (PDF)
84. Lesson 86a a (aw), -al, -el "Horizontal and Vertical"  (PDF)
85.  Lesson 87 our (as in "our," "four") "Our Baking Class"  (PDF)
86. Lesson 88 -ey "My Friends' Journey"  (PDF)
87. Lesson 91 or (as in "doctor") "Terror Attack"  (PDF)
88.  Lesson 93b ou (as in "you") "A Tour to Israel"  (PDF)


Lesson 97 or (as in "world") "Dr. Ori's Work (PDF)


"A Worm's Work World" (PDF)

90. Lesson 99 -al (as in "animal") "Animal Experiments"  (PDF)


"The Illegal Immigrants"   (PDF)

There are Hickey lessons up to 99; see the Hickey Lesson Order list  (PDF). For learner's binder: Letter checklist for student - pages 6-8 (PDF).

All the letters have been taught by Lesson 34. Depending on the learner, s/he may be able to read non-Hickey material after this point without being paralyzed by unfamiliar letter combinations. Continue teaching letter combinations, common and exception words, and rules using white, yellow and pink cards; in addition to the Hickey stories and word lists, start to read simple texts from books. When the learner encounters a letter combination s/he doesn't yet know how to pronounce, you can provide card(s) for it (even if they are out of Hickey order).

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