Terms of Use


We believe that all learners deserve appropriate English instruction,
not only those from affluent and academically-aware families.


The lesson materials on this website have been created on a volunteer basis
in an effort to channel appropriate remedial English instruction to all learners who need it.

The materials are being provided to Hickey tutors free of charge.

We require that, for as long as you are using these materials,
you tutor at least one student who would otherwise not be able to receive appropriate individual tutoring.
If you are a private tutor, you can volunteer in a local school or after-school program,
or have the English coordinator at a local school refer you a student who needs help
but cannot afford private lessons.

To use the materials from this website, you should be a trained or in-training Hickey tutor.

You may reproduce materials from this website for your own use with Hickey learners, including your own private students.

Materials from this website may not be reproduced or published for commercial gain.

All intellectual property rights to these materials have been reserved by their creators.

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