New Hickey resources

Reading Fluency Sheets, here on the website:  
(following the Great Leaps method), to help students automaticize decoding.
Fluency sheets for Hickey Lessons 1-13a (The English Club levels 1-15), instructions on how to use them
and make your own, by Sarah Esther Menahem and Esther Fisher.
See Documents for Download page, new "Developing Reading Fluency" section.

Q & A: Adapting Hickey: targeting decoding and spelling skills for learners who basically read and speak.
"I have a new student who can speak on a decent level but his reading needs to improve,
mostly the rules and vowel difficulties and his
spelling is poor. Any suggestions would be appreciated."

Pink Rule Card videos, on YouTube!

The English Club™ Tips to English: Free Animated videos of the pink card rules
from the first 50 Hickey lessons (through 39, -er)
English speakers
: search in YouTube for The English Club app or click here:
Hebrew speakers : search in YouTube for The English Club app in Hebrew or click here:
Arabic speakers: search in YouTube for The English club app in Arabic or click here:
Spanish speakers: search in YouTube for The English club app in Spanish or click here:

The English Club™ app, in the Apple App Store:

The English Club™
: Hickey-based application for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, containing 50 lessons.
(The first two lessons are free to try out.)
Now in the Apple App Store for English-speaking, Hebrew-speaking, Arabic-speaking and Spanish-speaking learners.
Teaches these 1000 English words.

Now in Apple App Store: Version 2 (free upgrade from current version)
 improved iPad resolution, streamlined user interface,
upgrade option to enable many learners to use the same device (the striped package in the In-App store).

Android version is in development and should be available within the year.

The English Club™ Workbooks, for use with or without the app:
The English Club™ workbooks: The first 50 Hickey lessons (through 39, -er),
including all the material from the app
(many of the lessons are free on this site, in b/w)
in 5 spiral-bound workbooks of ten lessons each,
Each lesson has sky-grass-ground lined letter- and word-writing practice pages,
story with color illustrations, and word list.
"Traditional Jewish dress" version now available for religiously observant Jews
"Modest dress" version for religiously observant Moslems also available.
Books flyer & order form in Hebrew


Teachers' Guide to The English Club app  and/or workbooks:

Contains a full explanation and suggestions for teaching all 50 levels of material,
and operating instructions for the app for those who are not Digital Natives!
The guide is available in digital or printed formats.

Please contact Fern Levitt at if you are interested.