"Teachers Share TESOL Learning Centers"
Activities for the Heterogeneous English Classroom

A Project of the English Department and Special Ed Materials Workshop,
David Yellin Academic College of Education

Centers Created under the supervision of Paula Barnard, SEN Specialist
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  • Some of the centers have more than one
     version, simpler versions and more difficult
     versions, for the multi-level classroom.

  • The differences may be between oral vs.
     written English skills, in level of difficulty, or
     amount of material.

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Letters i, t, p, n, s

by Judith Leigh Neeman

Shapes and sounds of the first (in Hickey
order) five lower-case letters .

Matching games: letter to letter, letter to
 clue word

i, t, p, n, s    (PDF)

Consonant Sounds

by Rozy Badichi

Alternate spellings of consonant sounds,
with worksheet and tree puzzle
K, S, W, Z
Advanced: F, J, K, T
Intermediate-consonant sounds
K,S,W,Z  (PDF)

Advanced-consonant sounds F, J, K, T 

Long Vowels

by Yonina Siegel

The long vowels "ee"

Activities: matching puzzles, word sort and
a crossword puzzle.

Long Vowels "ee"    (PDF)
Long and Short
 Vowel Sounds



by Jill Tobias

The short and long vowels
a, i, short vowel e: with simple words to
demonstrate the difference between the
short and long sounds of the vowel; magic e.

Activities: worksheet to fill in missing
vowels, word sort by short and long vowel

Long and Short Vowel Sounds   (PDF)
Silent "K"

by  Anderson Harkov

Vocabulary:  knee, know, knapsack,
knight, knife, knit, knew, knock, knack,

Activity: Vocabulary matching game

The Silent "K"          (PDF)
Practice Your Prepositions

by Malka Greenhaus

Vocabulary: Easier level: in, on, at
Advanced level: by, between, above, behind, below, under

Activity: Matching game, lotto, read-a-story fill-in-the-blanks.

Practice Your Prepositions         (PDF)

by Ilanit Nahum

Prounouns:  I, she, he, it, we, they, you

Activity: Go Fish game


To view the learning center with the best
resolution for printing, open the following
4 files:

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Go Fish Game

To view the learning center in one file with
a lower resolution, open the following:

Pronouns              (PDF)


by Rozy Badichi

Homonyms: word pairs (or trios) that
sound the same but have different

Easier version: fewer and simpler words

Harder version: more words, more complex

Activities: match homophones to each other
and to pictures, card matching game and
writing sheet.

Homophones (Easier- 8 pairs)    (PDF)

Homophones (Harder - 15 pairs)  (PDF)


by Nechama Mazo

Vocabulary: big, brown, little, black, white,
pretty, happy, shiny, new, many, blue, tall

Activities: Song file to put onto CD and play
 in the center. concentration (word to word),
fill-in-the-adjective sentence completion.

Adjectives Part 1Part 2Part 3

Adjectives Song file (MP3 format,
 copy to CD)

Present Progressive
 & Present Simple

by Mordechai Goldberg

Review of verbs and positive sentences in
Present Progressive vs. Present Simple tenses.

Activities: Complete positive statement
sentences in Present Progressive and Present
Simple; the missing words solve a  Crossword

Present Simple and Present Progressive

There Is / There Are
Fruits & Vegetables

by Sharon Meditchy

Vocabulary: avocado, pear, orange apple, kiwi, peach, plum, strawberry, grape, lettuce, potato, tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon, lemon, banana, onion.

Activities:   Matching game, concentration game.

There Is/There Are   PPT       (PDF)

by Meital Caro

Vocabulary: grapefruit, fig, cherry, apricot, apple, strawberry, plum, pear, peach, grapes.

Activities:   Lotto,  word search, crosswords.

Fruit  PPT            (PDF)
Kitchen Utensils

by Esther Hoffman

Vocabulary: knife, spoon, fork, plate, cup

Activities: Concentration matching game,
matching puzzles, writing sheet

Kitchen Utensils (PDF)
Parts of the Body

by Mickey Blumberg and Jill Tobias

Vocabulary: eye, ear, leg, foot, toe, hand,
nose, mouth, finger, dimple

Activities: Song lyrics "Where will the
Dimple Be?"
Connecting words for body part names to
pictures of a baby, writing words to match

Parts of the Body   (PDF)
Classroom Objects

by Fern Levitt

Vocabulary: pen, pencil, marker, notebook,
book, eraser, floor, glue, pencil box, ruler,
door, table, scissors, schoolbag, chair

Activities: concentration, matching puzzles,
writing sheet, word-sorting game ("What can
 you put in a pencil box?"), crossword puzzle

Classroom Objects (oral vocabulary)

Classroom Objects Activities 1 (for
readers)     (PDF)

Classroom Objects Activities 2
 (for readers)  (PDF)


By Hadassah Samuels

Vocabulary: shoe, boot sock. pants, skirt, shirt, coat, gloves, scarf, hat
1. Reading word and putting it in the correct column of being clothes worn in winter, or clothes worn on a daily basis in any kind of climate.
2. Reading word and matching it with the correct picture
3. Match the article of clothing with the part of the body that it covers, and put the number in the column on the enclosed sheet
Clothes/Clothing         (PDF)
Action Words

by Ellen Cohen

Vocabulary:  jump, run, fly, dance, eat, walk, sit, play, drink, laugh

Activities: name the object,  word find

Action Words       (PDF)


by Malka Greenhaus

Vocabulary: Airplane, bicycle, bus, car, helicopter, ship, train truck

Activities: Lotto, board game, writing sheet

Transportation     (PDF)

by Chana Levick

Vocabulary: cat, dog, frog, rabbit, pig, fox,
bat, rat, duck, camel

Activities: concentration and matching games
for beginning learners and for more advanced
learners, writing sheet.

Animals      (PDF)
Musical Instruments

by Benny Schwarzwald

Vocabulary: cello, violin, trombone, trumpet,
harp, sax, guitar

Activities: concentration game, matching
puzzles, writing sheet.

Musical Instruments  (PDF)
Days of the Week

by Miriam Kornberg

Vocabulary: Days of the week

Activities: A typical boy's weekly activities,
with worksheet and crossword puzzle.

Days of the Week    (PDF)

by Judith Berger
Vocabulary: love, shy, sleepy, surprised, happy, scared, sad, hungry, angry.

Activities: memory games - 3 levels, bingo.

Feelings                 (PDF)
Facial Expressions

by Mira Ber

Vocabulary: happy, sad, angry, sleepy, scared

Activities: matching games, write-in sheets

Facial Expressions  (PDF)

by Ze'ev Tamir

Vocabulary: names of occupations: chef,
 nurse, policeman, banker, judge, athlete,
 soldier, teacher, doctor, painter.

Activities: Two version of matching cards,
writing sheet.

Occupations PDF

by Michelle Gelband

Vocabulary: teaches and practices the names
of colors red, yellow, blue, green, orange,
purple, brown, pink, white, black.

Activities: writing sheet, crossword puzzle,
and memory card game, word sort.

Colors    (PDF)
Fun at the Beach

by Lorraine Coleman

Vocabulary: words used at the beach.

Level 1 for emergent readers with basic
phonetic awareness and ability to read simple
Activities:  Join the dots, matching games,
fill in missing letters, reading with help of
pictures, memory games.

Level 2 for more profeicient readers able to
read and understand short sentences.
Activities: Multiple choice, crossword
puzzle, story writing.

Fun at the Beach - for emergent readers

Fun at the Beach - more proficient readers

A Wise Old Owl

by Sari Donelan

Poem "A Wise Old Owl"

Activities: fill in the missing letters worksheet,
concentration vocabulary game, English
word-writing practice worksheet.

A Wise Old Owl  (PDF)
Jewish Holidays

by Myer Fogel

Names of Jewish holiday objects.

Activities: Two levels of concentration game:
match picture and word to picture and word,
 or match picture to word. Word list to write
 the names of the objects.

Jewish Holidays    (PDF)
We Are the Champions
 (song by Queen)

by Ofir Baron

Three levels of activities for more advanced
English learners, each level of increasing
difficulty.  Uses the song lyrics to
demonstrate phrases, vocabulary, prepositions.

Activities: concentration vocabulary game,
fill-in lyrics, fill-in worksheets, interview
questions and answers, word search.

We Are the Champions - Level 1   (PDF)

We Are the Champions - Level 2   (PDF)

We Are the Champions - Level 3   (PDF)

I.  Instructions for Creating Learning Center Folder Materials

II. Blank Templates for Learning Center Administration:

Title Page of Center (folder front cover)  (PDF)

Student Instructions for using center (folder back cover)  (PDF)

Answer key cover flap   (PDF)

III. Blank Templates for Activities Contained in Learning Center Folder

Illustrated Vocabulary list for non-English readers
(columns: English word, picture, Hebrew or Arabic transliteration, Hebrew or Arabic translation)

Illustrated Writing sheet (10 lines, columns for picture, lined blank space for writing word, check mark for self-check) and answer key  (PDF)

Word Sort (text)- sorting sheet, words to cut apart for sort, and answer key  (PDF)

Word Sort (pictures)- sorting sheet, pictures and words to cut apart for sort, and answer key  (PDF)

Concentration (two-card matching game)  (PDF)

Crossword Puzzle with clues and answer key  (PDF)

Two-Part Self-checking Puzzles  (PDF)

Also see the David Yellin Hickey Course website, Documents for Download page, section
"Templates for creating lessons (story, wordlist) and games"

Link to the Hickey Course "Documents for Download" page

Also see Instructions for reaching the Activities and Games templates website of the
David Yellin Special Education Workshop
, containing more templates for preparing educational activities and games

Link to the Special Education Workshop website