TELL ALL        

Teaching English Language Literacy for All Language Learners

Welcome to the site of the TELL ALL course at David Yellin College of Education English Dept.

To register, call Haim Ilouz, Continuing Education Dept: 02-658-7528

This is the second year of this course, which has been designed to provide English teachers and tutors with a tool-kit of methods for teaching literacy skills (reading, writing, and access to English) to the full spectrum of English learners - EFL or native speakers, with language learning issues (dyslexia) or not, slow learners or gifted.

The course dates are Thursday July 1 - Sunday July 18

The summer 2010 course will comprise nine class days plus one day of ETAI pre-conference workshops,
Monday July 12 at David Yellin, participation required, no fee for course participants.

There will be a two-day break to enable participants to attend the International ETAI Conference in Jerusalem:
 Tuesday-Wednesday July 13 -14

9:00 - 2:30 (6 academic hours with breaks):
9:00-11:30 Elana (Eclectic Approaches to Literacy);
11:30-2:30 Fern (The Hickey Method, a structured, phonetic, multi-sensory system)

David Yellin College of Education, Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem (can be reached by any bus that travels along Herzl Blvd. from the Jerusalem central bus station)

Building Dalet, room to be posted

Course Instructors: Elana Rechtman and Fern Levitt


 9:00-11:30 Eclectic Approaches to Literacy - Elana

11:30-2:30 The Hickey Phonetic Method - Fern

Date Subject Material Subject Course Booklet Material

July 1 .

TELL ALL Course Introduction

Reflection on Reading and Literacy

Reflection on Reading

What is Reading?


Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Day 1

Background and Intro to the Hickey Method: Who is it for? Why does it work?

The Hickey Lesson Plan Structure

"Teaching New Material" Lesson 1a

Hickey Course Book

Hickey Website


July 4


Pre-Foundation Benchmarks for Emergent Readers Task: Create Lesson Plan

Pre-Foundation Benchmarks
ABC ideas

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL P.F. Benchmarks for Emergent Readers

Organizing your Hickey materials

"Teaching New Material" Lesson 1b


Please bring to class:

  • your printed course book
  • a large binder,
  • package of 7 section dividers,
  • 25 nylon pockets
  • 25 white labels

July 5

"Musts" and Later Stages

Musts for Reading Readiness
Stages of Reading Development

Glossary of Reading Terms
How to Teach Reading Comprehension

"The Pancake Man" sample text

Task: Listening as a Pre-reading Activity (with texts)

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Reading Stages

Stories, Wordlists, Games

Demo Lesson: Lesson 2

Hickey Lesson Order - continued from Lesson 2


July 6

Approaches to Literacy History of Reading
Cathy Puett Miller on Literacy

"Musts" Review

Mini-dictionary: Matching Reading Terms to Definitions

Task: Early Fluent Readers

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Literacy

Second Language Teaching Methods

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Approaches to Reading Instruction

Hickey Lesson Order - continued

Writing Hickey Lesson Materials (story, word list, game)

Lesson-writing assignment (story, word list, game


July 7


Activities for Guided/Controlled Writing

Diamond Poems

Personna Poems

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Writing I

More Activities for Guided Writing

The Most Important Words writing activity

Additional writing activities

Things to Do After Reading A Book or Story

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Writing II


The Pink Rule Cards

English Spelling Rules

English Spelling rule cards for older learners

Scavenger Hunt


July 8

Weaker Learners and EFL (Needs and "recipes") Boondoggle

Childhood Memories

Task: Activities for Weaker Pupils

Teaching Weak Learners, Dorit Sasson

How Do We Get Their Attention?, Ellen Hoffenberg-Serfaty

Profile of the Slow Learner

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Weaker EFL Learners


Hickey Materials and Equipment

Lesson Planning

Assignment: Plan and prepare a lesson to teach a classmate tomorrow

July 11

Differential Teaching in Mixed Ability Classrooms


Brain-Friendly Learning Class

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Differential Teaching


Practice Teaching a Hickey Lesson to a Classmate

Creating Learning Centers for Mixed-Level Classrooms

Please bring to class all the materials you need to teach your planned lesson - pens, whiteboard, pencils, markers, cards, sheets, etc.

July 12

ETAI Preconference Workshops at David Yellin

Tuesday- Wednesday July 13-14

ETAI Conference


July 15

Assessment of Reading and Writing Guidelines for Appropriate Assessment

Assessment in the EFL Classroom

Profile Rubric for Emergent Readers

Elana's Notes: TELL ALL Assessment

On Beyond Hickey

Learner self-esteem and behavior


On Beyond Hickey

Assignment: Practice-Tutoring and Child Study


July 18

"Putting It All Together": Integration of Concepts and Lesson Planning

Finding the appropriate balance of approaches for each learner or group

TELL ALL Course Summary

Learning Centers - Activities for the Heterogeneous ESL Classroom