Jane Golbert, storyteller, returns to David Yellin.

On Wednesday, December 23, 2005 Jane Golbert came to the college to talk about storytelling.

Jane, who is presently on leave of absence from the college, works as a storyteller and educator in the U.S.A. She gave a dynamic and interesting presentation as testified by some of the comments from the second year writing class who were in the audience.

Last Wednesday we had a lecture "Storytelling Skills" by Jane Golbert. It was interesting because I had never thought about telling a story as a tool for teaching. (Rivka Schinazi)

Story telling skills (Liat Hidekel)
Last Wednesday I heard a presentation about story telling skills by Jane Golbert. She started her presentation with a short and funny story. We then talked about the reasons for using stories in the classroom. The stories are an additional teaching tool that can create a bond between the teacher and the pupils and can really bring the language alive. She then introduced the importance of learning the story and making a skeleton of the story. We compared two different skeletons of two different stories. Afterwards she gave us an example of how we can use stories to teach grammar in the classroom. In conclusion, the presentation was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.

Jane Golbert`s performance (Marina Mayzelis)
I always wanted to be a perfect storyteller. After reading, watching and listening to many stories I was unable to repeat them. Two days ago the English Teachers` Department invited us, future English teachers, to Jane Golbert`s lesson. In front of many students, she presented herself as a perfect storyteller. After she finished her story, we talked about story telling skills. We learnt how to make a skeleton of a text and how to adapt the language according to the situation. Then we talked about the way to present and solve a problem in a story and how to make a story not only interesting but also useful in different aspects. I really enjoyed Jane Golbert`s lesson and I think that she gave me a nice idea to use storytelling performances in my own lessons at school.