EFL Links
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David Yellin College Links

The English Department Website David Yellin Academic College of Education
Information about the English Department at the David Yellin College of Education.

The David Yellin Academic College of Education website
General information about the David Yellin College of Education

The Cycle of the Jewish Year : A Feast of Ideas
information, materials and activities about the Jewish Holidays provided by Beverley Stock, instructor at the David Yellin College of Education English Department.

Computer Workshop for New Immigrant Teachers
A workshop given by Eleanor Adika to New Immigrant teachers during the 2005-2006 academic year at the David Yellin College of Education

Hickey Website
Information and material about using the Hickey Method of teaching English

Available through the College

Making Waves Program for elementary school English classes in Israel - must have subscription – available for use at college

Some free applications that can be used in the EFL Classroom


ReadPlease An English text reader – help page

Puzzle maker An online Puzzle maker from school discovery website

annotate-mark and make notes on  a webpage. share and collaborate with colleagues.

learn to type - teach yourself to touch type in English and Hebrew.

Natural Reader or Readplease - download to have the computer read English texts to you. 

Morfix an online Hebrew English – English Hebrew dictionary 

Answers - information about a topic of your choice including correct pronunciation of a word and

Links to Israeli English sites

ETNI English Teachers Network

Main ETNI Page
Songs and Music from Etni
Games from Etni

Ministry of EducationOfficial site for "English" from the Ministry of Education

Lnet Practice your English skills – a program aimed at 4 th ,5th,  6 th grade English classes in Israel.  Your school must have subscription

Vocabulary a collection of word  games on a variety of topics – English and Hebrew

Learn Hebrew Verbs verbs and tenses in Hebrew and English

YEnglish a collection of links to English language sites and games – mostly for the elementary school.

Ziv High School English Department a wealth of material for English teachers and pupils from Ziv High School in Jerusalem.

"A drop in the bucket"


Links to English Material on the Net


Mingoville - a collection of games to learn vocabulary and more with the option of a dictionary in Hebrew- multimedia - well worth a visit

Little fingers a collection of games for beginning learners

Enchanted Learning A picture dictionary and a collection of useful material in English.

Jr. High- High

English Grammar from the ABOUT website – not the most attractive site but has lots of material about grammar.

ESL lab A collection of listening exercises

Online English Grammar A collection of rules and exercises

BBC Learning English  - A variety of activities from the BBC


Fun for All

ESL games a nice collection including ALICE The Robot

Educational Freeware a collection of free educational programs and material.

Tower of EnglishA resource for ESL teachers

Wordle - Prepare a word cloud from existing text or new text

Computers in the EFL Classroom

Weaving the Web into your EFL Classroom –   A webquest with ideas and tips for using the internet in your classroom

The British Council Library - Material for English Teachers and Activities for Children

Teacher made Activities Some simple ideas for using computer in the EFL classroom

Recommended by students 2009-2010

spelling city -make your own worksheets and games or use those prepared by others.  In addition there is an option to join with other teachers for ideas and support.